5 Shifts to Attract the Love of Your Life

Discover the Groundbreaking Method that has Empowered Thousands of Influential, Accomplished Women to Find Lasting Love and Commitment — a True Romantic Partner — with an Equally Extraordinary Man.

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Hilary Silver:

My groundbreaking method has a 92% success rate,
with over 350+ happy relationships, engagements, weddings and
THOUSANDS of women finding the LOVE OF THEIR LIFE.

You Deserve the Best

You are amazing. You’re a brilliant, creative, accomplished woman who has achieved extraordinary success in your career. You enjoy a deep sense of personal satisfaction in nearly every important area of your life: career, family, friends, personal and spiritual pursuits, community involvement…

You feel confident and powerful.


It’s not the same story with men, love, dating and relationships.

This is the one area of your life where you give up your power,
lose yourself, are uncertain and maybe even insecure.

It’s Time to Stop Settling for Less than
Everything You Want

It’s time to stop spending time, energy and money to NOT solve this problem because
you’ve gotten used to living this way.
It’s time to stop passively accepting this as your fate because
with a little help, it’s 100% not.
It’s time for something different. Better. Truly life-changing.
How about a wildly successful program that has a proven methodology
that you can simply actively follow?
Do you want the love and happiness that you see around you everyday?

YOU Can Be Successful In Love Too

This is literally a decision you can make for yourself right now.

Since our Ready for Love program began in 2017, we’ve transformed the lives of thousands of women.

We have become one of the most sought-after and acclaimed programs in the world for high-achieving women — women who’ve tried everything and for whom nothing has worked — because NO ONE DOES IT BETTER.
100% of our clients have extraordinary and life-changing mindset and relationship shifts within days. I know it’s audacious to say that, but it’s true. We start with the CORE issues and don’t spend time or energy on things that don’t work.

This is because when I was developing the program, I drew upon my extensive knowledge and expertise in therapy, coaching and personal development modalities and synthesized them with the very best practices from high-end dating and relationship disciplines.

I want you to know that there IS a solution available.

It IS possible for you to attract the love of your life, using the methods and processes we teach our clients.

All of my clients — accomplished, high-achieving women like you — who are currently enjoying committed, happy love relationships with high-quality partners — started by watching one of my Masterclasses just like this one. 

The only difference between them 
and YOU is that they have already watched the training. Then they took action.

Which you can totally do.
Right now. For FREE.

What I Will Reveal In This

To be successful in finding and keeping amazing, lasting love, you’ll learn the 5 essential Ready for Love life-changing shifts that will empower you to:


that you want more, deserve more, are destined for more and shall have more —and that you’ll do what it takes to figure it out.


radical responsibility for yourself so you can see how you’re the common denominator in all your past experiences. This is the pivot point to transforming your perspective and your life.


power and control so neither of you lose yourself in the relationship — and always feel seen and heard and important.


healthy give-and-take is so you can stop the pattern of it always being about him and never about you.


the best version of you. Not changing who you are but becoming a woman who is capable of vulnerability and authenticity because you know your worth and value.


the skills and confidence you need for FANTASTIC dating experiences. Discover how to nurture the early stages when it’s exciting, sexy and scary.
Once you learn and incorporate these life-changing beliefs and skills, you become undeniable, irresistible and a magnet for quality men at your level. He’ll stop at nothing because he HAS to have you.

You can be the go-getter achiever AND the feminine woman who knows how to RECEIVE attention, help, support, love…

I finally found my equal

Ready for Love gave me the tools and insight I needed to end a dead-end relationship and find the man I was truly meant to be with, my equal! I am able to express myself, understand my feelings and choose my actions intentionally. Best money ever spent.

- Katherine

I found the dream relationship I was searching for

Thanks to Ready for Love, I now have the relationship of my dreams. If you do this program you can find the relationship you’re seeking

 - Patty

Hilary Silver:

is the world’s leading mentor for wealth, love and potential. Her groundbreaking “Ready for Love” methodology has a 92% success rate, with thousands of her clients achieving lasting love and over 350+ happy relationships, engagements, weddings.

As a clinical psychotherapist and entrepreneur, Hilary led a flourishing private practice for 15 years. In 2017, she shifted her focus, launching an online coaching, wellness and empowerment company dedicated to helping already amazing women achieve the inner transformation necessary to make their deepest dreams and desires come true.

Hilary’s groundbreaking and extraordinarily successful method combines neuroscience, emotional intelligence and cognitive tools with spiritual activation techniques to help women become the most vibrant, capable and powerful version of themselves. This is the pivot point where true dreams manifest.

Amazing results and signature programs such as “Ready for Love” and “The Undeniable Experience” for business leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries, have made Hilary’s company a multi-million dollar success.

It took me to a new level of relationships,
dating and finding love

It took me to a new level of relationships, dating and finding love

I’ve tried it all and done more personal growth programs and therapy than most humans. Ready for love is so worth it!! It's a well-designed 10 week journey that kicked me to another level of relationships, dating, men and finding love. The benefits of the program last far far far beyond the 10 weeks

- Madeline

I’ve attracted the man of my dreams
and I’m showing up as my best self.

I’ve attracted the man of my dreams and I’m showing up as my best self.

The Ready for Love program was profound for me. I’ve been in therapy for the last 7 years trying to avoid making the same relationship mistakes I’ve made in the past. In only 8 weeks Hilary’s loving approach and amazing content taught me not only how to attract the man of my dreams but also how to show up as my best self in every aspect of my life. You will not be disappointed and if anything it will be the best decision you ever made.

- Laurie


5 Shifts to Attract the Love of Your Life

FREE Masterclass by

Hilary Silver:

Discover the Groundbreaking Method that has Empowered Thousands of Influential, Accomplished Women to Find Lasting Love and Commitment — a True Romantic Partner — with an Equally Extraordinary Man.