100% of my clients have transformative,

life-changing mindset and relationship shifts within days.

Hello Gorgeous

Successful, educated, got-it-together in life and career….

But when it comes to love… you’re getting ghosted, attracting 
unavailable, narcissistic or non-committal men.

…or you’re hiding out and avoiding the whole damn dating thing.

But you want love and you’re not a quitter so you keep going and 
here you are RIGHT HERE with me.

I want you to know this…

You CAN have fantastic dating experiences.

You CAN be successful in love.

I can help you make it happen.

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is the best most sought-after and acclaimed program in the world for teaching influential, accomplished women how to find amazing, lasting love with an equally exceptional romantic partner.

is the best most sought-after and acclaimed program in the world for teaching influential, accomplished women how to find amazing, lasting love with an equally exceptional romantic partner.

It's deep personal growth and “be your best self” meets dating and relationship mastery.

It's deep personal growth and “be your best self” meets dating and relationship mastery.



I’m offering my Ready for Love program

(regularly $2997) for $497 if purchased within 72 hours

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Your new love coach?

I’m a clinical therapist turned master coach with over 20 years of experience working with thousands of clients on the toughest life and relationship issues.

After struggling with my own not-enoughness, feelings of unworthiness and one disappointing heartbreak after another… I cracked the code on what it takes to have a healthy, lasting, PASSIONATE relationship and I’ve now been with my husband for over 21 years.

I walk this walk every day and help women step into their most EXTRAORDINARY self so they too, can attract their truly equal romantic and life partner and be as successful in their love life as they are in the rest of their life.

My groundbreaking READY FOR LOVE methodology with 5 Essential Shifts has helped over one thousand women. It has a 92% success rate, resulting in over 350+ happy relationships, engagements, and weddings.

It has become the #1 most sought-after, acclaimed and successful program in the world.


An Important Message from Hilary Silver

What if you had the power to be completely successful in finding and keeping true love?

Attracting the love of your life.
Approaching dating from a true sense of self-worth. (Which is what makes you

irresistible to high-value men.)

Becoming undeniable, alluring, and a magnet for quality men at your level. He’ll stop at nothing because he HAS to have you.

Knowing your worth and demonstrating it at all times. Setting clear boundaries with

grace and confidence.

Balancing the flow between ambition, structure, and achievement with the ability to

gracefully receive attention, support, and love.

Deciding that you want more, deserve more, are destined for more and shall have

more — and you’ll do what it takes to figure it out.

Becoming the best version of you —not changing who you are, but becoming a

woman who is capable of strength, authenticity, and vulnerability because she knows

her worth and value.

Gaining the skills and confidence you need for FABULOUS dating experiences.

Discover how to nurture the early stages when it’s exciting, sexy and scary. How to

keep the attention of great guys that you’re interested in and simply move on from

those you’re not interested in without feeling guilty or uncomfortable.

Finally, truly enjoying lasting love and commitment in a fantastic romantic relationship with a partner as extraordinary as you.

Ready for LOVE is Like Getting Your PhD in Relationships

Ready for Love teaches you step-by-step how to apply

my best-in-the-world, PROVEN techniques to find and keep true love.

I have coached literally thousands of women to successfully achieve lasting love.

ALL of our clients have extraordinary and life-changing mindset and relationship shifts within days. This sounds audacious but it’s TRUE. We start with the CORE issues and don’t spend time or energy on things that don’t work.

You’ll emerge as the most authentic, empowered, feminine, radiant, loving and capable version of yourself. My clients tell me that the work they’ve done in the Ready for Love program has enriched and enhanced other areas of their life as well— career, finances, other relationships…
There is nothing like this available anywhere else.
When I developed the Ready for Love Program, I drew upon my extensive knowledge and expertise in clinical therapy, coaching and personal development modalities. I synthesized them with the very best practices from high-end dating and relationship disciplines.

Ready for Love has components of EMDR to help you get past your trauma. It has narrative therapy to help you rewrite your story. Plus, cognitive processes, neuro-biology and neuro-feedback all packaged together in one proprietary methodology.

The result is a spectacularly successful program.

All of my clients — accomplished, high-achieving women like you — who are currently enjoying committed, happy relationships with high-quality partners — started by completing my Ready for Love program.

The only difference between them and YOU:

They made the decision and they took action.


Get Hilary’s renowned, life-changing Ready for Love self-study program

(regularly $2997) for $497 if purchased within 72 hours

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Here’s EVERYTHING you’re getting:

My best-in-the-world, step-by-step

READY FOR LOVE self-study program

comes complete with:

6 in-depth training modules, plus a “Welcome” module that reveals how to get the most from the READY for LOVE program ($12,000 value)

Each module contains a wealth of valuable, life-changing instruction on finding AMAZING, LASTING LOVE — videos and audios of my coaching, training and curriculum, plus homework, guided exercises and checklists. Each module builds upon the skills and knowledge gained in previous modules and covers the following topics: 

In This Module you’ll get a bird’s eye view of your entire love life so you can see everything with hyper clarity. Where you’ve gone wrong in the past (and why) and what you are striving for as you move forward in creating your ideal relationship.
In this module you’ll do the deepest inner work you’ve ever done by unearthing all the subconscious blocks holding you back so you can claim your new identity.
In this module you’ll learn how to cultivate a rock solid unshakeable relationship with yourself.
This is where we transition to showing up in the dating realm as this new totally empowered, loving and ideal version of yourself.
In this module, you’ll learn the ‘rules’ for dating and when it’s ok to break them so you can keep the attention of the the men you are interested in and gracefully exit when you’re not.
In this module you’ll learn how to be an effective communicator so you can be fully expressed, ask for what you need, and feel heard without being afraid of messing things up.
This module teaches you how to maintain healthy and hot relationships! I share with you what ends 99% of relationships — and what works!
In my Ready For Love training modules, I show you step-by-step how to create the relationship of your dreams even if you’ve never found love before.

BONUS Material

With this training tool, you’ll learn in 2 hours what you wouldn’t discover after a life-time of dating —like, exactly what to say or do when he catches you off guard with red flag behavior. You’ll easily release short-lived relationships, dates that don’t go anywhere, and settling for less. So you’ll be able to attract your perfect mate, one that makes you feel valued, loved, adored, and utterly understood.
Specific instructions to make it easier and faster for you to find your SOULMATE and attract the love that you want RIGHT now. You’ll learn how to break free of bad dating habits and patterns instantly. When you break the patterns and habits that have been attracting the wrong men you can shift things and start magnetizing the right men, right now.
Gain access to 6 LIVE Q and A coaching session recordings which feature over 10 hours of coaching, real life examples and insight that you can apply in your own journey to find love.

Total Value: $25,000+

My Ready for Love self-study program is regularly $2997.

(Which is money absolutely well-spent and a great investment in yourself.)

But if you enroll within the next 72 hours,

you’ll get our best-ever special offer of $497!

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Ready for Love helped me met the love of my life

Ready for love helped me really show up in life as my true self, because of this I met and am about to marry the absolute love of my life! He walked into my life a year ago and he tells me every single day how amazing I am in every way and how he has never met anyone like me.

- Michelle

I can’t believe how much richer my love life is

I tried many different things; therapy, self-help books, podcasts, etc. It wasn't until I went through the Ready for Love program, that I discovered blind spots that I needed to address. The program helped me to finally end an on again off again long term relationship, get back into the dating world as a confident, empowered woman and I am now dating a wonderful man. I have a healthy, emotionally available partner and can't believe how much richer my love life is.

- Shannon

I’m getting more interest than ever before

This course was a game changer for me! I learned so much about myself and how to become a better partner in a relationship and to attract a partner. I’m getting a lot of interest based on my new profile. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose! Just do it.

- Vanessa

You Deserve the Best

Ready for Love Can Help You Make It Happen

Listen. You are amazing. You’re a brilliant, creative, accomplished woman who has achieved extraordinary success in your career. You enjoy a deep sense of personal satisfaction in nearly every important area of your life: career, family, friends, personal and spiritual pursuits, community involvement…

You feel confident and powerful.


It’s not the same story with men, love, dating and relationships.

This is the one area of your life where you give up your power.

Lose yourself. Are uncertain and maybe even insecure.

Maybe you have never been married and are eager to start a family.

Maybe you’ve been divorced, 1-2-3 times even. You might have been widowed, or dating for years with no luck. Or, you might have avoided dating for years and are

ready (but scared) to get back out there.

Intellectually, you’ve told yourself you’re amazing and deserve love with an equally exceptional guy. But your relationship track record doesn’t reflect a woman who knows her worth and value, and is connected to her true personal power.

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It’s Time to Stop Settling for Less than

Everything You Want

It’s Time to Stop Settling for Less than

Everything You Want

I get it. Maybe you’ve been hurt, betrayed, disappointed or let down in the past — but dating with cynicism, or even a scarcity or victim mentality is what leads to you settling for less than what you want in a partner or relationship. Because you think “maybe this is as good as it gets.”
You take what you (think) you can get rather than getting what you want.
You negotiate, compromise and bargain with yourself.
You lower your standards and settle for less than you desire.
You allow yourself to be treated poorly.
Or you stay too long with the wrong men in the wrong relationships

trying to “make it work.”

It’s time to stop spending time, energy and money to NOT solve this problem because you’ve gotten used to living this way.

It’s time to stop passively accepting this as your fate because —

with a little help —it’s 100% NOT.

It’s time for something different. Better. Truly life-changing.

How about a wildly successful program that has a proven

methodology and a 92% success rate for finding lasting love

that you can simply actively follow?

I wish I had done this sooner

I wish this program had been around when I was in my 20s so I knew then all that I know now! Ready for love helped me work through the aftermath of my divorce, rebuild my self confidence, learn how to date again, and not compromise what I really need, want and deserve in a healthy, whole, passionate relationship.

- Sara

I found the love of my life

Using the tools Ready for Love gave me, I have found confidence and love. I got the love I always wanted. I found the love for MYSELF, and I found the love of my life!

- Janelle

Never settle or give up, the man of your dreams is waiting for you

Before Ready for Love I was depressed, hopeless and skeptical since then I’ve met the man of my dreams! He is so amazing, he is my soulmate. Never ever settle or give up!

- Angela

Wondering if You’re Right for the Program?

You’re a high-achieving woman who’s got it all — successful career, wealth, beautiful home, amazing family and friends yet dating, love and relationships is the one last piece of your life that hasn’t worked out as you envisioned.
You’re totally committed to doing the deep inner work because our program is like executive coaching for your love and personal life. You’ll be getting your “PhD in relationships” with us!
You believe in taking responsibility for your past, present and future and are committed to evolving into the absolute best version of yourself.
You understand that growth requires courage and trusting the process even when it’s uncomfortable.
You get that I can expedite the healing and finding love process, but that you have to show up for yourself and remain committed to doing the work.
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I found the man of my dreams

The program, the lesson content, the community- all gave me the strength to make some life changing decisions. I was able to break off a 2 year toxic relationship and figure out who I am and who I was looking for. Armed with a new set of knowledge and confidence, I found the man of my dreams and we’re still going strong over a year later!

- Lindsey

My man can’t get enough of me!

The Ready for Love program and the Dating Incubator were life changing for me. I resolved self-esteem issues that I've had all my life and that had not been resolved through any previous therapy. I now experience love everyday, I have been with an amazing man for about 3 months now and I show up to my relationship so differently that he can't stay away from me.

- Nadine

This program teaches you how to attract

your best partner

Ready for Love has cracked the code on love for all of us highly successful women who have tried unsuccessfully for years to find our equal. Hilary’s approach is profoundly different than anything else I've encountered and the results show!

The program teaches you exactly what you need to do to attract your best mate. It's the best investment in yourself - and in your love life. Stop second guessing yourself and stop being alone. Get Ready for Love NOW.

- Kathleen

You CAN Attract the Love of Your Life

By Applying Ready for Love’s Proven Method

This is literally a decision you can make for yourself. Right now.

To be successful in finding and keeping amazing, lasting love, you’ll learn the 5 Essential Ready for Love life-changing shifts that will empower you to:


that you want more, deserve more, are destined for more and shall have more —and that you’ll do what it takes to figure it out.


radical responsibility for yourself so you can see how you’re the common denominator in all your past experiences. This is the pivot point to transforming your perspective and your life.


that your sense of worth, value, acceptance, significance, and happiness is all internal (and constant) and doesn’t depend on external conditions or other people.


your deep connection to yourself.


certainty and confidence within yourself.


and rewire all limiting conditions, mindsets and psychology.


100% clarity on what you want (and what’s okay to want).


the Rules and trust yourself to know when it’s okay to break them. Yes, there

are Rules and we lay them out clearly for you in the program.


healthy give-and-take is so you can stop the pattern of it always being about him and never about you.


boundaries and limits like never before so you can trust yourself to always do what’s best for you instead of betraying or abandoning yourself.


your needs and learn how to express them in a way that draws him to you — and that he’s happy to provide.


the masculine and feminine energies in all of us and how to flow in and out of yours… so you can receive the love you desire and let go of control.


power and control so neither of you lose yourself in the relationship — and always feel seen and heard and important.


the skills and confidence you need for FANTASTIC dating experiences. Discover how to nurture the early stages when it’s exciting, sexy and scary. Learn how to keep the attention of great guys that you’re interested in and simply move on from those you’re not interested in without feeling guilty or uncomfortable.


capable of vulnerability and authenticity because you know your worth and value.

Once you learn and incorporate these life-changing beliefs and skills, you become undeniable, irresistible and a magnet for quality men at your level.

So if he doesn’t ask you out again…You are unwavering in your conviction, unwavering in your worth. You don’t flinch; you move on confidently. There’s no such thing as rejection. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

It IS possible to achieve this state of being. It’s part of the process we take you 
through in the READY FOR LOVE program.


You’ll emerge as the most authentic, empowered, feminine, radiant, loving and

capable version of yourself.

A woman who knows her worth and believes anything is possible — especially a deeply

fulfilling, lasting, loving relationship with a man who is your true equal partner.

Time and time again our clients share how the work they’ve done in this program

changed their entire life…

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If you commit to doing the work on yourself, and follow my blueprint for love, you CAN find your soulmate so much faster than you ever thought possible!
Join us now

and finally, truly, find true love…

Everything will be yours in just a few minutes as soon as you enroll.

Don’t leave this page until truly making a decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions


It begins immediately. As soon as you enroll, you’ll get a welcome email with your login info.


Digitally... you will login, create your account and get started immediately. Every 7 days, you’ll be granted access to the next module. We do this so that you can fully absorb and integrate all that you are learning.


You get access to all the video content materials for one year from the date of purchase. The PDF download workbooks are yours to keep forever.


The honest answer is, it depends on you and your current situation. We recommend you set aside 2-4 hours per week, but some modules are more in-depth than others. There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time and the more time and thought you put into it, the more you’ll get out of the experience.


This program is a digital product which means it can’t be returned. All payments are non-refundable should the Client later decide not to participate in the program.